Safety SunglassesDiscount safety glasses and goggles that can block out the harmful rays of the sun are pieces of eyewear that are often referred to as sunglasses. This particular form of discount safety eyewear can come in a multitude of styles and fashionable frames.

The frames are the hard plastic or metal parts of the sunglasses that go around the eyewear lenses, holding them in place, and holding them to the user’s head. The most common type of frame found safety glasses and prescription sunglasses are called temple pieces, and they hold tight to the temple and side of the head using springs, hinges, and ear pieces, which is the part of the frame that wraps down behind the ear, holding the frames in place. Another popular form of discount safety sunglasses are called goggles. With goggles, the temple frames are replaced with elastic bands that wrap entirely around the head to hold the safety goggles in place.

Prescription lenses or clear plastic, glass, or polycarbonate lenses can be used in either safety goggles or other discount safety glasses. Lenses in discount safety sunglasses and prescription sunglasses usually take on one or more of the following styles: colored, tinted, polarized, mirrored, or photochromatic.

Colored lenses in prescription eyewear and safety sunglasses are just that, colored pieces of glass or hard polycarbonate. These are often the colored lenses found in rose, yellow, blue, brown, grey, or green. Each blocks out a specific kind of light. These are often the cheapest forms of discount safety eyewear and sunglasses available.

Tinted sunglasses are the next step up from colored safety goggles. They block out the sun and may contain a UV coating. Colors of these discount safety glasses are usually brown, grey, or black.

Polarized lenses in safety sunglasses are top of the line in that the polarized lenses on discount safety sunglasses also block glare reflecting off perpendicular sources, like water, snow, the street, or the hood of a car.

Mirrored lenses can be added to any of the discount safety sunglasses or goggles above, the only difference is that it makes it near impossible for the person looking at the wearer to see their eyes. Some people prefer this look on their discount safety sunglasses and goggles for a multitude of reasons. The affect of these pieces of mirrored eyewear is similar to that of a limousine window, the wearer can see out of their prescription safety sunglasses but others can not see in.

And finally photochromatic lenses are a new type of sunglasses especially popular with wearers of prescription eyewear. This type of discount safety glasses are more commonly known as transitions lenses, where they are clear in low-light situations, but when the wearer steps out into sunlight, they gradually transition to shaded sunglasses, allowing the user to, with a single piece of discount safety eyewear, effectively own both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses.

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